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All users of Consumer Reports, as defined by the FCRA, must have a permissible purpose in order for NCS to provide consumer reports to clients. Please indicate your permissible purpose below.

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Section D: Verify Agreements

Responsibilities of Users of Consumer Reports

Client has certain on-going duties including, as an example but without limitation, Client’s duties when adverse action is taken by Client with respect to a Consumer’s application and Consumer re-investigations. Client will at all times be compliant with such on-going duties. Some of these duties are described in the following FCRA Appendices, and there may be similar and/or additional state duties imposed on an “End-User” of Consumer Reports:

  • Prescribed Notice of User Responsibilities (Appendix C to Part 601 of the FCRA).
  • Prescribed Summary of Consumer Rights (Appendix A to Part 601 of the FCRA).
  • Prescribed Notice of Furnisher Responsibility (Appendix B to Part 601 of the FCRA).
  • Prescribed Summary of Identity Theft Rights (Appendix E to Part 698 of the FCRA).
Copies of the above referenced notices and summaries are found here and a copy of the FCRA can be accessed here.

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Compliance Requirements

Users of Consumer Reports must comply with certain federal and state laws regarding their request for, and use of, such reports. The below requirements are part of NCS' due diligence and credentialing process to ensure compliance with the law.

A. Business References
Client agrees to provide businesses references upon request.

B. Site Inspection
NCS may conduct a site inspection of a Client's principal place of business to ensure that the Client's business facility is commensurate with the size and purported type of business listed during this registration process.

C. Disclosure and Signed Authorization Forms:
Client must secure proper authorization from job applicants/employees/volunteers/tenants in order to request a background check be conducted by NCS. Client must maintain copies of the signed disclosure and authorization forms for six(6) years. Client agrees to supply copies of signed disclosure and authorization forms upon NCS request.

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